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What Girls Think After Fail Marriage and How to Overcome Their Stress

What Girls Think After Fail Marriage and How to Overcome Their Stress

What Girls Think After Fail Marriage and How to Overcome Their Stress

Marriage is the one of the most important part of every human’s life. At the certain age of life everyone human need an important person who understand and feels the problems and who feels the love and who cares every stage of life and problem. However, their is many of the problems facing in married life but they overcome them and continue their married life because the marriage is not the thing that we dissolve due to some misunderstanding and some stupid happens. Even every people face all problem and keep their marriage for whole life. Fail Marriage and How to Overcome Their stress

Effect of Marriage Dissolution on Girls

Girls are very attentive with their relation and marriage. They never even think that they suffers this situation with dissolution of their marriage. This situation harm them badly and their mind and heart was break badly. They cannot trust other person so easily because they already break. The dissolution of marriage and that too without any fault of girl. The girls totally depress and stressed. They tried to improve theirselves but they cant because dissolution of marriage is not an easy thing. The girls weep every time and they try to over these things but they cant. Fail Marriage and How to Overcome Their stress

What should they do for the dissolution of marriage

First of all the girl should follow the complete legal procedure. If the people says that dissolve the marriage without approaching any law of court. Then please do not follow up any this type of command because it may become the big drawback after some time. You should follow up all correct legal procedure of law due to this every steps will clear and surity. Many of people try to dissolve the marriage with their own command and own law but this is completely illegal way of dissolution of marriage. For example many people think that they hire an advocate and tell to him that both parties has compromised.

You have to prepare an affidavit, then all papers will prepared by him. Both girl and boy have to sign the affidavit. Due to this process they considered that this is the complete process of dissolution of marriage. Thereafter, the family of girl take an certain amount from the family of boy. That’s the process of the marriage dissolution for many people and they think this process is legal. In fact this is illegal process of marriage dissolution.

What is the meaning of “Domestic violence”?

If any of the girl suffers from domestic violence. So please keep yourself strong and try to fight against domestic violence because if you think that you handle the situation regarding domestic violence, then you are wrong. If you think that Domestic violence are just two small words. Then you are wrong because the domestic violence is having a deep meaning which we cant be think and even thought about it. Because every people has different meaning of it.

Fight against the Domestic Violence and dont think that we have to continue the marriage with many kinds of harsh problems. If their is no trust, no love, no support, no respect and no care in the married life so please discontinue the marriage as soon as possible. Many of the girls think that what should I do after dissolution of marriage because I have one kid or two kids. So, you have to maintain yourself and keep ready your mind be qualified youself. You have to educate yourself and capable yourself to earn for yourself as well as for the kids you having. This life is challenging but this is respectful.

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What is the complete “legal procedure of Dissolution of Marriage”?

Firstly, you have to keep your mind strong and make a valid decision regarding your marriage and your life. Secondly, if you ready to dissolve of your marriage. Then you might be follow up these steps, these steps are completely legally and lawful:

You might be file an FIR for against Domestic Violence. Due to this, on time some steps may done by the police and it may sort out the problem to explain some issues to both parties. You may continue the marriage after the involvment of police because after FIR he not able to harress any more. Fail Marriage and How to Overcome Their stress

If he continued harress you then you may follow up these steps to:

  1. Hire an advocate and disscuss whole matter to him and finally he follow up complete legal procedure. He might be send a legal notice to opposite party.
  2. Then the opposite party has to reply the legal notice.
  3. After two or may be one and a half months, Your case should be registered in the session court and be sure you all information which you shared with your advocate is correct.
  4. After registration your case in the court then you will got the first hearing date and then second date. At your second date or may be third of hearing, the megistrate passout the order of your maintainence and you get an certain amount of your husband salary.
  5. You may get some legal expenses also.