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Sun. Aug 9th, 2020


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Trends of Two Marriages of a Family: True and Heart Warming Story

Trends of Two Marriages of a Family: True and Heart Warming Story

Trends of Two Marriages of a Family: True and Heart Warming Story

Marriage is a very important relationship for everyone whether boy or girl. Everyone believes that marriage happens once and people like to stay together no matter what quarrel thereafter. By ignoring all the small mistakes, the relationship moves forward and stays happy and keeps each other happy. It has been seen many times that if people break the marriage for some reason. Then the reason is very important, which cannot be ignored. Today I am going to share an anecdote on which no one believes in martyrdom, but this is true. Trends of Two Marriages of a Family

The mistakes of daughters-in-law that this family cannot bear

When the boy gets married and comes home, then these people come to their real place. When the mother-in-law is sitting on the bed, and if the daughter-in-law sits on the bed with them. Then these people talk about breaking the marriage. These people feel that if they are very small, then they will sit down with their mother-in-law. If the mother-in-law is on the chair, they ask her to sit on the floor and if the daughter refuses, she is beaten. Then the marriage is broken. He is not the one to listen to the daughters-in-law. While his husband also does not listen to him and says that if he does not listen to his mother-in-law, I will divorce. So many listen to everything but still these people bother their daughter-in-law.

If daughter-in-law asked her mother-in-law to wear a suit, she would beat her boy and beat her daughter-in-law. And on these things, she used to get a second marriage of her son by getting divorced. Trends of Two Marriages of a Family

This woman has two sons and both have had two marriages and their current wives are also upset. The same cowardly method of keeping daughters.

One Another Marriage in Their Family

Trends of Two Marriages of a Family: True and Heart Warming Story

There was another marriage in their family and that of the son of this woman’s daughter. There was another marriage in their family and that of the son of this woman’s daughter. These people again repeated the same thing and showed much more and showed higher thinking. Everything changed after marriage. The same does not sit equal to the mother-in-law and if the daughter-in-law is sitting equal, then beat her. Bahu then spoke to her husband about this, then her husband said that he will have to stay like this for life. Talk and these people did not end their habit, they started harassing their daughter-in-law at every step. Trends of Two Marriages of a Family

She used to get up at 5 in the morning. But to disturb him, he was told to get up at 4 in the morning. She was also happy because she thought that her husband was her everything. But her husband did not understand her. He used to think that just one child gets married and ends his responsibility.

Then she came to know that her husband’s maternal uncle and her sister had two marriages. She felt very bad that her husband had not told her this thing. But she did not pay attention to this time because she had to improve her marriage first. She ignored these things and went ahead to save their relationship. She also feared that when her husband’s maternal uncle and sister had two marriages, he too could leave her without any reason.

What she was thinking happened

What she was thinking happened, her husband left her without any reason. She came to her maternal home, her husband did not come to take her again for a week. she had a problem and her doctor said to come with your husband. The girl would call her husband to tell him but her husband did not pick up the phone. she told the doctor that my husband is busy, tell me the process of treatment, but the doctor said that it is necessary to consult with the husband. She again started calling her husband but he did not pick up the phone. But the matter of the doctor was important to her husband, she kept calling non stop. But her husband also thought not to pick up the phone. Still she kept calling her husband, then her husband blacklisted her phone number.

Then she massaged him on Whatsapp, then her husband blocked him from there too. That girl did not understand what happened. Then her husband clearly said that I could not live with her, I should divorce her. And his mother and father did not even understand him, but supported him and said that take some money and break the marriage there is no need to go to court. Break the marriage socially.
After listening to these things of her husband, the girl was broken inside and was very upset. Her husband even said that I want to get rid of this marriage quickly because I have to get married again.
Trends of Two Marriages of a Family

Next Shocking Step of The Girl

The in-laws of that girl were convinced that the girl would not take any step. But 2 weeks after this, she sent a legal notice to her husband. Then the boy’s father tried every possible way to get the case back, but the girl did not withdraw the case and she thought that even if the future is not my marriage, but these people who consider girls an object, those people should be given a Get to learn such a lesson that later again it should not ruin a girl’s life like this.

Right now their case is going on in court, the girl wants to forget everything and stay with the boy but the boy has so much ego that he does not even want to talk to the girl.
You only tell whether it will be right for the girl to stay with this boy or the girl will ruin her life again by staying with this boy.
Trends of Two Marriages of a Family

“Which one is Good”

This is not a fictional story, but it is a very true story. Tell us by commenting whether this girl will be happy with this boy or will ruin her life and you must tell us this story somehow.