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First 3 and Last Months of Marriage – A True Story

First 3 and Last Months of Marriage - A True Story

Marriage is a word which is no need to be defined by any definition or any word. However, this is one the best part of human life for each and everyone . Everyone feels so excited on there marriage because this is the connection between two people. They understand themselves not for some time in fact their whole life. This incident based on true story. It might be funny for people who read this story and actually this is too funny. First 3 and Last Months of Marriage – A True Story

The First Month of Marriage

The girl (Mamta) and a boy (Pushpendra; imaginary name). The marriage was arranged by there parents. Both families were too happy for their marriage. Therefore, the boy worked at company at very good post and that girl was prepare for her graduate final attempt. The boy and a girl both were ready for marriage without any pressure. The boy and girl both were very happy as well. The in laws of girls were pretend that they very good or open minded. But they were not as they pretended.

The fifteen days of marriage were very nice. The problems were started now. The mother in law of the girl was trying to irritate the girl. But she tolerate because she loves her husband too much. So, she was tolerate his mother and father without showing any problem. She tried many times to talk about all these things or problems to her husband but he never want to at least listen her. Now she used to it. First 3 and Last Months of Marriage – A True Story

She discussed all things to her parents and her brothers. They told her that everyone should suffer with little problems in starting of new life. All things will be stayed soon don’t worry and let the things go. She said it’s okay I’ll manage and tried things better. But nothing happen was changed even things became so bad as before. The boy also not interested to talk with her. She was felt so bad for her husband side but she could not do anything.

The Second Month of the Marriage

That month was too problematic for the girl because her husband never support her and not even listen to her. That girl was suffering with Domestic Violence. Her mother in law think that she is not human, she can’t be ill. She insulted her many times in front of many people. But that girl was not spoke single word against to her mother in law. She tried many time to talk with her husband but he was not. Now she understood many things that her husband was like mother boy. Whatever his mother told to him he completely follow her command. Even he told every thing to his mother the happened between them. Even the private life of the couple was the big zero. He never tried to keep things private. He told every thing to his parents, sisters and other family relatives.

Pressurizing for Baby and Other Things

He pressurized her for baby as his mother told to him. The boy thought that when she conceived then she completely follow mother command. She said our married life was so troubling, we will planning baby soon, when everything is great between us. But as his mother instructed him, so how he could refuse his mother command. He was beating her and her(Mamta) sister in law was also pressured her for baby. No one could tried to even listen her. Now her husband pressurizing her for two things. The first one was baby and the second one was started something from home. Like open a play school, beauty parlor or boutique. First 3 and Last Months of Marriage – A True Story

The girl was so depressed no one can listen her and even her parents also said don’t worry everything will okay. She told her husband that “I can do only one thing whatever baby or work”. She said if you really need money then I started job. Then her husband replied “if you are starting the job then who done the whole domestic work”. Then she strictly told him right now I am not able to do anything from home. On this reaction he got angry on her and said “I am very educated and you are not deserving me as husband, you are uneducated and your family told many lies to me for marriage.” After these words her mind was depressed and she cried so many time. She was very lonely those days.

The Third and The Last and Most Problematic Month of Marriage

Now the girl understood many things that they are very greedy people. Her mother in law was ready to show her real face to her daughter in law (mamta). The girl told her that she face many problem doing domestic work in Saree. She said if you have no issue, then could I wear Suits in home? Then she replied its okay I don’t have any issue. Her mother in law told all these thing to her son and strictly told him she not wearing anything other then saree. Then he got tolerable anger on his wife and instructed her to wear saree only. She said that mother in law told to wear suit in home. He said I don’t know what she said but I am telling you for saree. She ignore the topic because she know that this topic might be became the topic of fight and argument.

One day she talking with her husband and suddenly she putted her hand on his waist by mistake. Then her mother in law abuse her so much on this. She was surprised on this reaction. Her mother in law was created issue of this. Her husband was took side of his mother and said she deserve even beat. After that when they alone at night his husband also abused her and sleep without showing any concern. First 3 and Last Months of Marriage – A True Story

How Her In laws Bothering Her

Her mother in law was creating problems when she doing domestic work. When she used washing machine for clothes. She told to her that use hand for washing up the cloths and don’t think that you are working think that you were exercising of your hands.

She was wake up at 5.00 a.m. because her husband went for office at 8.00 a.m. and when his off she wake up at 6.30 a.m. Then her mother in law told that if his off then you also wake early also. She said its okay I’ll. She was doing domestic work then her mother in law scolded her to do whole work with cover your face (Pardha) and said if I spotted you without cover your face then I beat you. One day her sister in law came to house that was not surprised her because her sister in law came everyday. Her sister in law was bothering her as well. She was said to her plan for baby its so necessary. She was interfering in her personal life that was already a big zero. Mamta’s both sister in laws were bothering her too much.

How Her Husband Irritated Her

She accepted all stupid demands of her husband and in laws because she want her married life easy. So that’s why she tolerated all commands of them. But their demands became so high and they wanted many things from her. Like her husband said to her live like rural people. Not to look beautiful because you are my wife and you have to look good only for me. Then she started live like rural. He said wrap your hair with pins don’t go any where with loose hair. She followed this also. Then her husband told her that don’t wear heals. I don’t like you wear heals. She wear heals because she was short heighten. Then she said heals could not be issue for creating issues. First 3 and Last Months of Marriage – A True Story

After this mamta’s exam was coming and she said to her husband that she need to go her home for exams for around a month. Then her mother in law was created drama of it and said if you will go to your mother house then who done the domestic work. Then she said to her husband if you can not interested then I drop my exams just for your happiness. Her husband replied on it and said you want to showing people that we are not happy for your study and you showing people that we treated you as a maid. Go and study for your exam we don’t have any problem. Then she came to her mother house.

The Unexpected Situation at Her Home

Now she was at her home. After two or three days she uploaded a funny joke on her whatsapp status which was on privacy mode and saw by only her husband. The fact of the joke is “matrimonial home” has two meanings, one convenient to the groom and the other inconvenient to the bride. Then he created an unnecessary issue of it. He took screen shot of that joke and sent to the elder brother of her and said I don’t like this kind of stupidity and I need an answer of it.

Then his mother call her and abused her so much and said we treated you like a queen and you spoiled all the things. After his mother call, she called to her husband and she said what happen that was a simple joke. Then he got angry on her and said I don’t like this kind of thing and I warn you for next time. After warn he called to her father and said that she was sending meaningless images. On this reaction of wallpaper the in laws of the girl came to her house and abuse girl and her family members. Then they came back to his house.

The Funny Reason of Divorce

After the funny joke incident, the girl called her husband continue but he never picked up call. He never reply her messages. She thought that he was angry after some time he will be okay. After her exam she continue called him to say that exams were finished come and take me to my in law house. But he refused to take call of her. The girl was continue calling him but he didn’t pick up the call and after that he putted his wife cell phone number to the blacklist. But she continued call him but he not respond. Then she message him on Whatsapp but he blocked her from whatsapp too. She text him but he never replied of her messages.

She told her family member that he was blocked me from whatsapp and blacklisted my cell phone number. Then her father called her father in law and said “what’s wrong with him why he is doing this to her.” But his father supported him and said whatever he is doing that is great with that girl and he is not child he know about his life. Then her father told that her exams was finished take her to your house. His father refuse and said let’s see.

Terms and Conditions by Her In Laws

They putted some terms and conditions in front of the girl and said if you agree then you came to our house. The conditions are as follow:

  • Must wear only saree.
  • Stop using cell phone.
  • Her husband talk with her when he having time and if he don’t have time then he cannot talk with her.
  • While he will reading newspaper she can’t stop him.

They thought that the girl will refused to agree the conditions the putted in front of her. But she agreed just because to save her marriage. Then her father went to her in law house and asked them that why they created these situation. Her husband replied I am not interested to maintain relationship with her. I want divorce. Her father tried many times that dissolution of marriage is not easy. But he didn’t listen anything he stay on his words that dissolution of marriage. His father told my boy is not happy with your girl, separated them from each other. Then her father told her that your husband want to separation from you.

The girl surprised. She said this is not true. She said I know he having many misunderstanding but he never want divorce. But that’s true that he want really divorce from her and that to without any reason. She think that finish the life but she think their is not her fault she will fighting against him. First 3 and Last Months of Marriage – A True Story


This is not imaginary story this is real story. The girl actually suffered more then describe. This story takes time to read out but any of you agree with this reason of divorce. Even nobody can get actual reason of divorce on behalf of this story because the boy is highly educated and working at high post.

I request to the girl who suffers with the same situation and loose their hope never give as the girl. She is fighting against her right and look up her better future. And also sh e trying to let him know that how much he done wrong behavior with her. The marriage of these two did not last even a year.

I published this true story on my website that not means I against to in law families or supports girls. In fact through this story I want to tell these kind of people actually exists in the world who think that the daughter in law is like a maid. Through this I pray to all couple if something wrong in your married life then communicate with your partner instead of divorce.