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Mon. Jul 6th, 2020


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Everyone Loves The Story Of Marble Stones

pain of marble

pain of marble

Story of Marble Stones, this is a motivational post. This is for those people who think that they suffers with many of the problems. For this post we try to say everyone that everyone has to suffer with many of the problems. If somebody think that they don’t have and struggle in their life, so they can’t value their success. Today I am going to say something about the struggle and suffer of life.

Pain of marble

Once a Sculptor got an order of two God’s statues. He brought two marbles for his statues. Now he was ready to make statues when he started to hurt on marble. Sudden a sound came from marble and say ” hey stop it, it hurts its painful”, and Sculptor replied “its hurt you”? Marble said yes its hurt me. Sculptor thought that how could I complete the order when the marble get pain. Sculptor was little nervous and sad because he was poor and not having much money. He don’t want to completed his order to hurt something, he is hones as well. He thought something and start again with another one marble. Completely and highly determined that this time he completed his order. That was turn of another one marble and now he started to work on it.

“Jai Shree Shyam”

The Sprite of marble

Story of Marble Stones, The Sculptor now started to make statue with another marble. He started to break the marble and he ask to marble “is this hurting you”. The marble replies “yes”. Then he stopped his hands but the marble told him “yes its hurt, but you carry on”. Sculptor said its okay if its hurt you I don’t want to hurt you. Marble said no its your work to became a marble to a beautiful statue. Now the Sculptor continued to make a raw marble into a fine statue. The first marble said to the another marble “are you going mad” why are you bearing so much pain? The marble replied ” you just wait and watch ” what happen next. The statue was almost done. The party who was given order to him they came to take their order.

Time to shine after Pain

Story of Marble Stones, now it was the time to shine. When they came to take the statue, they feel so glad after see the statue. They was just go to take their order and they saw the first marble. They said to Sculptor ,” what about this marble”? The Sculptor told them that this marble suffers with pain when i work on it. Then they requested to him that this marble also given to them, he asked why? He can’t even bearing the pain. Then they replied ” after GOD’s worship Devotees(bhakt) are explode the coconut. We want this marble for the explode of the coconut. He said it’s okay, if this marble is  serve turn for you. I don’t have any issue. They took both one of the statue and one of the marble who can’t bear the pain.

In the temple, The devotee worship in front of statue of god and after their worship they explode of coconut to that one marble who said “its hurt”. Then statue of GOD said to that marble I was told you “just wait and watch”. Friends, through this post we try to say everyone the life is not so easy. Everyone suffers with their problem but please don’t give up after suffer life is ready to shine.