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Relationship: Love is Over or No More – A true story

Relationship: Love is Over or No More

Relationship: Love is Over or No More

Relationship is a word that does not require any identification. The relationship is fulfilled when both the boy and the girl are close to each other. If one of them refuses to follow this relationship, then the relationship becomes bad. Today, I will tell you one such true story in which the girl tries every possible way to maintain her relationship. But she cannot save her relationship because the boy is cheating on the girl. Relationship: Love is Over or No More

The First Meeting of Them

Both boy(pradeep) and girl(neeru) were introduced by their parents. They came to see each other for marriage. The boy was working and the girl was studying. There was talk between them and after some time both of them went to their respective homes with their parents. The girl was getting married by obeying her parents because she did not like the boy. That boy was not very beautiful to look. But he thought if his parents like the boy then he has no problem.

The girl thought that if the boy does yes for marriage then it is fine. Even if he does not, he will not mind any decision. It was already evening, there was no response from the boy. Everyone was upset and waiting for the phone of those people. No response came that day. The girl’s parents thought that it takes time to make the decision to get married. They thought maybe they call the next day. But the next day their call did not come. Then the next day the girl’s father called the boy’s father. So the boy’s father said that our son not ready for marriage. Then this topic ended. Relationship: Love is Over or No More

The Unexpected Happens

After 2-3 months, the father of the boy called the girl’s father and told one thing to him. That both the girl and the boy will talk to each other and if both are ready. Then we have no problem in getting married. Then the two met and talked and the boy said yes to the wedding. They do not know what happened to the boy, after two weeks he refuse to marriage. The boy’s mother said that my son will not marry for 2 years. Then this thing was over again. almost 3 months after this. Then after that the boy’s mother come back to the girl’s house and told the girl again. She said that I will tell everyone till tomorrow whether the boy is yes or not for marriage.

Dilemma of Girl

The next day the boy’s father got a call and he told the girl’s father that our boy is ready for marriage. The girl was a little sad to know this and she told her housemates. That when the boy has refused to marry twice, can he refuse to marry this time too? The girl was explaining to herself that everything would be good. Then she started feeling all right and she started to be happy and started preparing for her new life. After the marriage was confirmed, the two started talking to each other. Relationship: Love is Over or No More

Engagement of this Couple

The date of engagement and marriage was confirmed. There was still 2 weeks of engagement. Boy and girl used to talk on the phone. The girl told the boy that I need to talk to you very much. So the boy says, tell me, then the girl said that she will meet again on the day of engagement. Say yes to the refusal and if you still have any problem, then tell me. And he said that if you do not like me or have any pressure on you, then tell me. Then the boy said that there is nothing like this, I am happy and there is nothing like pressure.

They were engaged and now both used to talk on the phone. The boy slowly started talking and said that I am busy. The girl said no problem. Then the boy stopped talking completely. On which the girl started getting upset. Then the boy never used to talk, and the two of them started having bad blood. Seeing this estrangement, the girl also stopped talking. Then both of them suggested that they would talk till late on weekends. Relationship: Love is Over or No More

Then it went on for two weeks, then the boy stopped talking. The girl said that you do not talk even on weekends. On this the boy said that I watch TV shows. Then the girl got upset and she said that TV shows are bigger than our relationship. The boy was angry at the girl on this matter and told this to his mother.

What did the girl do? She was sorry to tell the boy without any mistake. Then he never insisted to talk if the boy did. Otherwise the girl would never talk. Relationship: Love is Over or No More

Happens after Marriage

Slowly, the time of marriage was close. Then the boy suddenly demanded dowry. When the time of marriage was near. The demand was barely met. now they both were married. The boy also had the same attitude about marriage, he neither talked to the girl nor came to her. That girl was upset. Then she said that if this was the case then you did not tell why before marriage on this. The boy’s mother said that we had already told that the boy will not talk much. Then the girl said that she was before marriage. It was a matter of whether he still would not talk to me. But he said that I will not talk to you.

The girl became very upset because her husband used to talk to everyone else except her. Even when he used to take her for a walk. He did not talk to her and after seeing other girls, he used to talk wrong about them.

Due to the lack of communication between them, many misunderstandings had taken place. When the girl went to her house for a few days, the boy broke the whole communicative with his wife. Then after this, the girl called her husband. But her husband did not answer any call. He was saying that he will divorce his wife and marry another girl. Relationship: Love is Over or No More

Short Note if You Like the Story

This is not a fictional story but it is a true story. The boy asked to divorce without any reason. You tell me what marriage breaks down on anything. If the boy objected, he would have spoken before the wedding when the girl asked him. But he did not do so. He broke the marriage and destitute the girl and ruined her life.