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Haunted Places in Mumbai

haunted places in mumbai

haunted places in mumbai

Mumbai is the city of dreams and the city of gold is additionally a living soul in itself. This ‘irresistible city’ is home to a plenty of individuals, with differed decent variety and social extravagance. However, Nonetheless, the other side of the coin uncovers a dull and creepy nature of the uber city. There exist frightfulness stories in Mumbai that can send chills to your spine and leave you pale and frightened! Peruse on as we bring to you a rundown of a portion of the 12 most spooky places in Mumbai: Haunted Places in Mumbai

1. Aarey Milk Colony

Aarey Milk state is very much connected with peculiarities, trivial wrongdoings, hiding panthers and yes (in particular) paranormal exercises making it a surely understand frequented place in Mumbai. Therefore, This 10sq. Km stretch is a popular creepy and startling goal, with a baffling and frequented air around it. Neighborhood legends describe episodes of a lady in a white saree, it may very scary for the people who lives near this place. Therefore, Requesting lift in the odd hours of the night. She becomes rough before long. Different stories incorporate the presence of a vanishing elderly person, crying children and other odd encounters.

2. D’Souza Chawl

Mahim can suitably be known as a center of paranormal exercises. It with various wells and frequented houses. D’Souza Chawl is said to be spooky by the soul of a lady. And kicked the bucket an undesirable passing. Therefore, Due to this way of this scary place all feel like unwanted fear. From that point forward, her soul meanders around the outskirts of the well after the sun sets and keeps on frequenting the nearby occupants. Haunted Places in Mumbai

3. Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Aside from thick woods, old gives in and hiding creatures, Sanjay Gandhi National Park. This is one of the scary place situated in mumbai. Neighborhood swarm portrays the unnerving story of an insane person female drifter, clad in white, hindering the way of voyagers. However, The widely varied vegetation. That covers the recreation center likely scares guests and turns into the foundation of these accounts, yet this ghastliness story is described by watches at the National Park and local people the same. Along these lines, whenever you’re there, avoid drifters!

4. Tower of Silence

The scariest and hair-raising frequented stories owe their sources to the Tower of Silence. Situated on the Malabar slopes, Towers of Silence are related with the Parsi custom of leaving the body after death in open, for vultures to benefit from. However, The Zoroastrian meaning of forgetting about their dead in the open originates from their conviction of keeping nature perfect and uncontaminated by a dead body. They accept that earth and fire are dirtied by a dead body. There is may a very scary environment due to dead body (dead body atmosphere). This confounding ceremony makes the Tower of Silence a horrendous goal. Therefore, Envision strolling by a tall pinnacle brimming with spoiling dead bodies. Some shocking frequented place in Mumbai, isn’t that so? Haunted Places in Mumbai

5. Mukesh Mills

For those of you who have viewed the Shah Rukh Khan starrer ‘Om Shanti Om’, this story may sound strangely natural. Mukesh Textile Mills was set up by the East India Company during the 1870s. After a fire broke out, murdering a great many individuals. After this incident this place becomes haunted and many people talk about it.

The remnants of this abandoned plant served the film business and this spot turned into a hotspot for frequented shoots in Mumbai. Be that as it may, the unnerving and dull history of this Mill is sufficient to startle each spirit who sets out to enter the region after nightfall. Accounts of a had entertainer and awkward scary insides are impossible to miss to the factory. Who realized that one of the most spooky places in Mumbai would fill in as a story motivation for standard Bollywood! Haunted Places in Mumbai

6. Nasserganj Wadi

Situated close Mahim railroad station, Nasserganj Wadi adds to our rundown of frequented spots of Mumbai. 16 years back, a nearby Parsi, Nasser was singed alive. However, His soul is said to keep a watch on his property. Harming and tormenting any individual who discourages his way. This soul may not considered to sale out his assets. A man who holds his assets dear isn’t to be disturbed!

7. St. John’s Baptist Church, Andheri

Worked in 1579, St. John’s Baptist Church was relinquished because of a pestilence in 1840. Therefore, The story of a phantom lady is described by the neighborhood society. There are awful accounts of this event as well. Witnesses state that they heard yelling and shouting, trailed by the sound of an undeniable sprinkle in a close by lake. However, This is very scary environment for people who lives near this place. The narratives of the youthful lady of the hour and her implied second passing, together make the congregation a creepy and frequented place in Mumbai.

8. Poonam Chambers, Worli

Post the 1993 bomb impacts and the episode including the smashed divider in 1997, this spot should harbor the soul of a few people who stayed caught under the rubble. However, All said that they say the soul and feel very scary. Attributable to the unnatural idea of their demises, a great deal of phantom stories spurted from the chronicles of Poonam Chambers, giving it the status of a famously spooky spot in Mumbai. Therefore, Gatekeepers and security protects have revealed episodes including shaking entryways which have terrified them intensely. Haunted Places in Mumbai

9. Ram Sakit Building (Behind Paradise Cinema) Mahim

Similarly as with wells and individuals, there will in general be apparition stories related with them. Therefore, This happened 20 years back, however the individuals living in the zone accept that her soul shows up each new moon night, and evaporates in the first part of the day. However, Clearly not a spot to wander out in obscurity or alone. Due to this, it becomes the scary place of mumbai.

10. Santa Cruz West

The apparition is known as ‘second floor ki bhabhiji’ as the occupants. This spot are too terrified to even consider uttering the lady’s name. This lady ended it all after an awful battle with her significant other. However, Post her demise, a puzzling dark canine appears to have made the second floor his home. However, After this incident whole place becomes scary. Occupants state that a hidden lady. Haunted Places in Mumbai

11. SNDT Girls College

In the vestiges of the old SNDT College, at 2:00 AM. It is said a lady can be heard recounting duplication tables pursued. However, The sound of crying kids and slapping. However, A couple of years prior, a few young men chose to research the spot and see who made the sounds, yet they couldn’t discover anybody. Help you to remember the tormentor you had in elementary school?

12. Jogeshwari, 2nd floor

Unnatural passings around different pieces of the metropolitan have grown different awfulness stories around the city of Mumbai. Therefore, The second floor of the pink hued working here should be involved by the apparition of an air entertainer who was killed here. However, Another air lady at that point took living arrangement in a similar condo. However, Be that as it may, individuals have located a lady on the porch who is by all accounts crying constantly. Therefore, She’s said to point towards her home and cry as another person has involved her home.